Archer vs Zombies Among As

Archer vs Zombies Among As is a fun, entertaining game on ABCya 6 free games. It's Archer vs. Zombie in the incredible game in the form of "Tower Defense," in which you must protect the castle from an invasion of imposter zombies. To begin, click on the arrow in the center. Alien zombie hordes have descended on Earth. Master your archery skills in order to eliminate all of the As and their UFOs.

To kill the zombies, among other things, you must hit them multiple times. The level receives three new weapons: explosives, flaming arrows, and They may be found in the upper-left corner. To utilize it, tap on the icon. In addition, with the money acquired in battles, you may buy explosives and increase the pace of your shooting between rounds of the game. This will make fighting the zombies simpler.

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Touch or mouse control.


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