Arrow Fest

Have fun with this exclusive new game Arrow Fest an entertaining game in Abcya 6 unblocked. It is now time to master your arrows, choose the most advantageous gates, and kill everyone in your path! Accumulate several coins and improve your arrows and revenue! Use as many arrows as possible to eliminate all enemies and giants! Become an expert in arrow management!

Don't forget to share this game with other players if you're ready for the latest game space we update as you can participate in your free time. Also, you can expand your game world with countless new games similar to The new journey is for you.

Key Features:

- The game is FREE and EASY to play!

- Lots of different levels to play!

- Lots of ENEMIES and GIANTS to defeat!

- Lots of GATE choices to make!

- There are lots of COINS to collect and use to improve your arrows and income.


The controls for this game are simple and easy to remember. Use a swipe to control your arrows. Go through the best gates to increase your arrows. Get lots of coins by killing your enemies and giants.


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