Baby Tailor Clothes and Shoes Maker

Search for "Baby Tailor" to find more free tailor's series games to play! Fashion Tailor Shop is here! In the game at Abcya 6 unblocked,  you are now a tiny fashion tailor. Have you had a different opinion about the dress in the shop window? Change it immediately! Many customers are looking forward to your latest design.

A plethora of vibrant fabrics and trendy accessories Provide you with an ironing board/sewing machine and other amenities. You are free to shop for well-designed clothes in the boutique. You can make a variety of skirts/sweaters/trousers-shirts. Match everything for them, including hair style/ sunglasses/ earrings/ dresses/ shoes/ handbag. Have fun!

Choose your favorite fabric. Cut it according to your design, then stitch it with your sewing machine. Choose the cutest buttons and adorn the clothes with glistening stickers. In Baby Tailor, experiment with new designs!

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