Battle Heroes 3

The legend goes about as a hired fighter who is shipped off the line of the realm. At Abcya 6, use battle and wizardry abilities, investigate the dreamland, foster a legend and heroes, towers, emanation, sorcery, weapons. Investigate and make otherworldly things. Grow a mythical beast or a cerberus. Much fun!


★ Defend the kingdom, hold back waves of enemies.

★ Three factions (Order, Undead, Chaos).

★ Unlimited development of the hero and warriors.

★ Crafting items, traits and skills.

★ Explore the dungeon.

★ Get a pet: dragon, cerberus, luther.

★ Develop magic, aura, study at weapons mastery schools.

★ Defend the city, attack the caravans, free the captured cities.

★ Old school fantasy - RPG

★ Compete with other players in the arena, or capture the kingdom and collect tribute.

★ Raise your faction rating and chat with other players.

★ Capture resource mines and upgrade defense towers.

★ Multiplayer PVP, PVE, MOBA in version (Android, IOS, PC).

★ The created hero is compatible with all versions and can be transferred via the hero's login, in the game options.

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Use the mouse


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