Boller is a puzzle kids game. In this game at Abcya 6 online, you should battle blocks that need to catch a specific area. You will see these things before you on the screen. They will progressively drop towards the lower part of the battleground. In every block you will see a number. It demonstrates the quantity of hits that should be made on the item for its finished annihilation. You will have a white chunk of a specific size available to you.

You should ascertain the direction of the toss with the ball and, when prepared, make it. Your ball will hit the blocks and resetting the number inside them will obliterate the things. For each annihilated thing you will get a specific number of focuses. Your errand is to score whatever number game focuses as could be expected under the circumstances in a specific timeframe. Much fun!

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Aim the ball by clicking and dragging at the ball and direct them towards the bricks.