Bouncy king

Heyyyyy and you've arrived at the brand-new and entertaining online game Bouncy King at Abcya 6 game online unblocked. In it, you must assist the shuttlecock in reaching the end of its journey. Your character will reveal who is in the pot before you appear on the screen. A basket will then be visible at the opposite corner of the field for your ball to fall into. Additionally, blocks at slightly different angles will be visible all across the field.

You can bounce the ball onto the football pitch using a special propulsion mechanism. Your task is to simply calculate the force required for him to fly out of the jar. The hit object will proceed to fly and toward the basket as soon as the ball is on the court. If you calculated everything correctly, the ball will enter the basket and you will receive a certain number of points in the Bouncy King game.

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Hold to generate the velocity of the ball and then release.