Boxes Wizard

Discover the updated version of the online game called Boxes Wizard at ABCya6 action games. You play as a witch holding a wooden staff in a 2D pixel art background. With the ability to teleport and push boxes, you'll navigate through 40 increasingly difficult levels filled with puzzles and obstacles. Find ways to swap places with boxes to create new paths and solve puzzles. With classic-inspired graphics, our game draws players on a challenging and immersive adventure. As you progress, you will face more difficult challenges. Use your magic power and skills to overcome them all and win.

We suggest ways play for online players around the world to join and win this unique version of the game. Don't hesitate to update your new game list. Countless players have entered and won online selections today. Save your favorite game list and enjoy a new exciting online journey. You've always dreamed of magic. What miracle will happen in this journey? Perform moves techniques and win all levels to top the online player leaderboard. With each difficult challenge, players have the opportunity to participate in their spare time.

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Use arrows to move the wizard. To swap with boxes, use the spacebar


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