Bubble Shooter HD 2

Bubble Shooter HD 2 at Abcya 6 addictive games is the lengthy sequel to that same cult classic Bubble Shooter game. Bubble Shooter HD 2 manages to combine the classic Bubble Shooter game mechanics with completely fresh HD graphics or rather new features such as Stats and Novice, Expert, and Master configurations. What is your maximum possible score? Now play Bubble Shooter HD 2 but instead pop bubbles!

Keep scoring as many points as you possibly can by bouncing all of the bubbles on the board. Target and shoot with the mouse or your finger. Hit two or more bubbles with the same color bubble to squeeze them. The more bubbles individuals pop in a single shot, the more points you will receive. Failure to pop any bubbles will consequence in a foul. A sequence of bubbles will be added to the board as a penalty after several fouls. Experiment with new winning strategies to want to be a master!

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Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.