Color Balls Game

Color Balls is a puzzle shooter game on ABCya 6 Games. You must shoot at colored balls that appear at the top of the game screen. There will be different colored balls in the vertical rollers. Each ball must be shot with bullets of the same color as the ball.

There are lines with colored balls at the bottom of the screen. To shoot a bullet with a color as a line, you must click on the bottom colored lines. So you can only destroy a white ball with a white bullet, and so forth. You will lose your life if you use the wrong color bullets. In this game, you have five lives to play with. The game will become quicker as you go, and you will need to fire faster. Try this game; it's intriguing and entertaining.

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Don't shoot as many bullets as you need to with the same color, otherwise they'll shoot the following balls with different colors, and you'll lose lives.


Tap on screen to play this game.


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