Color Drop

Color Drop is a puzzle game which is playable on Abcya 6. The objective at this game is to control the hued ball to disregard circle or cross deterrents. The ball shading should be equivalent to the shade of the part from a snag. The obstructions will turn and move so you really want to pass in them when the shading will be coordinated with the ball tone.

Tap on the screen quickly to control the ball. Fail at right time and attempt to elapse more impediments as you can. The game is hard yet amusing and intriguing. Some of the time will be circle and cross snags together or at least two same obstructions and you want to pass them. Tap on the screen and stand by your time.

If you love this game, please invite your friends to play some other games similar to Abacus 3D.


Tap on the screen