Emoji Link

Emoji Link is the exemplary line-drawing game which is playable on Abcya 6. Endless assortment with more than delightful "Emoticon" pictures for you to match!Take your time tracking down the correct way to interface the gems - there's no clock to stress over!

The objective of the game is really straightforward : you simply need to track down comparable emoticon and interface them in under 3 straight lines. Assuming you can interface and associate all emoticons symbols during the restricted time, then, at that point, you win and advance to a higher level with new emojis and smileys to interface. Each level is getting a touch more troublesome however playing Emoji Link's really fun all of the time.

The game is very interesting, do not miss the opportunity to explore it. If you love this game. You can join some other games similar to Mahjong Remix.


Finding the right path to connect the jewels