Escape from dinosaurs

Welcome to Escape from Dinosaurs at abcya 6+, an exciting game that will take you on an adventurous journey back to the time of dinosaurs. Your mission is to gather enough boards to construct a ladder and make your escape on the back of a majestic pterodactyl. With unlimited levels, various gameplay elements, and a global leaderboard to showcase your skills, this game guarantees hours of thrilling entertainment.

As you navigate through the prehistoric landscape, be wary of the dinosaurs that roam the area. To outsmart them, you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Utilize the chickens strategically to divert the attention of the dinosaurs and create opportunities to collect more boards. Should a dinosaur get too close for comfort, your character will automatically drop the chicken, distracting the beast.

In addition to chickens, you'll come across bombs that can temporarily slow down the pursuing dinosaurs. When you touch a bomb, it activates after a few seconds, neutralizing any nearby dinosaur for a brief period. Seize this chance to distance yourself and gain an advantage in your escape. The game is very fun and helps players relax. Get ready to play some more games like Escape from Blue Monster. More fun!

Your ultimate goal is to gather enough boards to construct the ladder and make a dash towards the waiting pterodactyl. Once you reach the flying creature, embark on an exhilarating flight to safety, leaving the dinosaurs behind.

Keep in mind that the game features a global leaderboard where the achievements of the best players are showcased. Compete with others from around the world, strive for the top position, and become a legend in the Escape from Dinosaurs universe.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure, where quick thinking, precise movements, and strategic decision-making will be your allies. Play Escape from Dinosaurs today and immerse yourself in the exciting world of prehistoric escapes! Relax and save those wonderful moments. Some similar games also expand your design possibilities like Squid Survival. Choose to join and win now.


Use MOUSE to play the game.