Fireman Frenzy

Play Fireman Frenzy for free at ABCya 6 and enjoy many other online games. The frenzied fireman grabbed the firehose and yanked the hydrant right out of the ground, then proceeded to put out the fire! Nobody knows how he does it. He's on the go now that he's mobile, putting out flames everywhere. The problem is that the hydrant he's carrying is quite heavy, so his aim is wrong and unstable.

Help him put out all of the fires on each level by blasting each one with a forceful hose blast. The hose's stream of water packs a punch and can bounce off things to put out flames, but be cautious since a bad ricochet can quickly knock the firefighter out. It's best if he gets some improvement so he doesn't get knocked out.

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Move to aim while holding down the left mouse button or your finger (on touch devices). Give the fire a burst of water from the firehose. Up to a point, the longer you keep the aim in one location before shooting, the steadier the fireman gets. Shots will bounce off both the sides and the top of the screen.


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