Ghost Walker

Come and join the this jumping game in the ABCya 6th. Ghost Walker is a video game in which a ninja hunts after prominent bandit commanders. This game will astound you with its dynamic ninja controls in Slow Motion. Your primary objective is to eliminate the bosses. You have the option of slaughtering their whole squad as you approach them or avoiding violence.

This game will make you feel like an unrivaled, elusive, super-dexterous, and powerful master of melee weapons. Try to experience this astonishing sensation of evasion for yourself, vanquish all robbers without sustaining a scratch, and become a legend. In addition, we also suggest to players some other similar games such as Stickman Parkour Skyland. Discover new games you love with your moving skills.

Key Features:

- Fast-paced battles shown in slow motion

- Many weapons

- You can choose from cool skins for assassins

– There are many bosses and enemies


The controls in this game are very simple! On the computer: Hold the cursor on the screen and move in the direction you want to move. On mobile: Touch the screen and swipe in the direction you want to move.