Glass Puzzle

Use balls to knock over glasses and make a mess! Determine the optimal method for completing each level. You may devise your own answer, so be resourceful and do not be scared to think outside the box! Join your friends right now in the game to have the opportunity to solve puzzles with your best friend's intelligence. If the games leave you with a lot of impressions, get started and a few other similar game genres like Geometry Tile Rush at free abcya 6 games.

Key Features:

- Addictive gameplay;

- Collect coins to boost your ultimate score and unlock additional glass and upgrades;

- Adaptive mechanism. Freely draw lines to accomplish levels!

- Simple, clever, and entertaining puzzles that may also be difficult

- Many levels with more on the way!

- The fun and relaxing theme will keep you there for a long time.


Tap the screen to drop the ball and knock down the water glass.