Hangman Plus

Hello and welcome to the world of Hangman Plus game is  an exclusive game from ABCya 6th. Enjoy a real paper and pen experience as well as a lovely jazz soundtrack to accompany your trip of never-ending word-puzzle enjoyment. Try your hardest to complete the campaign mode or simply enjoy casual word guessing in any category of your choice. The game takes pride in having the most vast collection of words, a huge campaign, the closest to a real pen-and-paper feel to any hangman-based game, and great quality.

Share these new game and gameplay tips for all other players if they are also looking for a new game with lots of interesting points. The same games also help you relax after every hour of intense learning such as Memory Emoji. Are you ready today?


+Campaign of increasingly difficult levels +Enormous dictionary with words ranging from suitable for a child to a rarely used terminology +Choose-your-category, e.g. "States", "Animals".


Click or tap on the letters to guess the word.