Idle Space Business Tycoon

Come and join the this simulator game in the ABCya 6 free online. You may become a space company tycoon with the simulation-style game Idle Space Business Tycoon. Open enterprises, construct factories, update them, manufacture items, trade with galactic corporations, and you'll have a prosperous agricultural empire. Let's begin space exploration for technological research! In this idle game, it lets you enhance your AI, complete special orders, and construct a formidable citadel. Accelerate enterprises to earn more money or just gather idle cash flow while offline.

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Key Features:

* Beautiful Sci-Fi style

* Learn about technologies

* Open the office departments

* Upgrade businesses. It also brings in more money from cash sitting around. You can explore a many upgrades for expand.

* Improve AI

* Interesting game about managing the economy

* Tap more quickly. To speed up businesses just use tap tap technique. You can make more money with your space business if you click faster.