Impulse Ball

Virtual golf can resemble anything, and a set of a player, a club, a ball, and a hole is not required. Impulse Ball will feature a ball, a hole, and labyrinth-like fields on forty-five levels. You will use momentum instead of a club. At Abcya6 online, to move the ball, click behind it. What hole do you want him to go to, the one with the red flag?

Labyrinths become more difficult and longer, and you must work hard to score the ball. A fountain of fireworks will appear as soon as he enters the hole. Please keep in mind that the number of impulses available is limited, so avoid making unnecessary movements in the Impulse Ball. Much fun!

The game has a lot of things to explore. Invite friends to join the game. Eye-catching graphics, interesting gameplay. If you love this game, you can join some other games like Cube Blast


Use the mouse or touch to play this game.