Jumping Ball

Jumping Ball is a clear and simple tapping matchup in which is playable on Abcya 6 com free online. In the game, you inform a bouncing ball toward onrushing floating platforms. As the ball jumps, initiate it toward the platform where you want it to land.  The ball was moving forward for itself.

To help guide the ball toward all of the other platforms, left click or toggle and drag it mid-jump. It seems to be game over if you really shouldn't land on a platform.  You get 1 point for every time the ball lands in the center of a platform. If you land on the network's edge, you will survive to make the next jump, but you will not receive a point. Continue to move the frisbee to platforms to score further points. Players who enjoy standby jumping games will actually appreciate this game.

Join your friends right now in the game to have the opportunity to solve puzzles with your best friend's intelligence. If the games leave you with a lot of impressions, get started and a few other similar game genres like Slope Run and Fishing 3 Online




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