Link Line Puzzle

Link Line Puzzle is a puzzle game play it on Abcya grade 6. The size of the game's square matrix is 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, or 10x10, depending on the level being played and the desired degree of difficulty. Your aim is to link two identically colored dots by drawing a line between them.

Mission accomplished when the following requirements are met:

1. All dots of the same color are joined in pairs.

2. There is no intersection between any lines.

3. All squares inside the matrix are filled with lines.

The challenge will rise as more colored dots appear as you level up. There are hundreds of levels to complete. Join the levels that you have never passed and our new games like 1010 Match 4. You will know how to relax in your free time.

Key Features:

- There are several ways to play: "Free Play," "Daily Puzzles," "Weekly Puzzles," and "Time Trial."

- Control with one finger

- There's no need to connect to Wi-Fi.

- No penalty & time limit

- The graphics and game effect are well done.

- Thousands of levels to test your skills.


- Touch a dot of any color, then draw a line to connect it to a dot of the same color.

- If a line of existence is crossed, the line is broken.

- Try to draw the lines so that they don't cross with each other.

- Use the lines to try to fill all of the squares in the grid matrix.

- The level is over when the above three conditions are met.

- You can use hint at any time if you get stuck.