Mr Noob Jailbreak

A courageous young novice tried to break out of prison, race through the roofs of the buildings, and try to get as far as he could, but he ran into a lot of guards and potential adversaries that will kill you if you don't respond soon enough. Control the little noob's motions to get as far as possible with the best score. Jump, shoot, and utilize slowmotion to improve your aim. Have fun with this free casual game and a slew of others.

It’s truly a great experience and your need for speed will be satisfied. Have fun and check out other games such as Minecaves Noob Adventure and Noob Rush vs Pro Monsters. Kids can't stop playing this game thanks to the simple yet hard-to-master gameplay from ABCya 6 grade.


Right click to shoot, use the W key to jump, S to slide and spacebar to use slowmotion.

On mobile devices and tablets use the touch game buttons.


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