Multiplication Roulette

Multiplication Roulette is fun and educational speed math multiplication solving quiz game for children. You must spin the 2 roulette wheels with numbers 1 to 9. Then, tap both wheels to stop. Once they stop, the you must multiply two inner numbers on the wheels that fall within the red line. Select a number out of 4 choices under the roulette wheels. Solve each equation in the time provided and get as many correct answers as possible.

To further sharpen your multiplication skills, try to beat your best score every time you play. Players score more points the faster they answer with the correct number.ouch in the Spin button, then in the roulettes to stop them. You’ll have 10 turns. Each one will point a number, you must correctly answer the result of the multiplication between them, in the shortest time possible.

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Mouse or touch to play.