Princess Cosmetic Kit Factory Makeup Maker Game

Welcome to the Princess Cosmetic Kit Factory game on Abcya 6 free games, in which you will create and design beauty items such as lipstick, nail polish, and makeover boxes. We create luminous and vibrant cosmetic products for top models, celebrities, and girls who want to look gorgeous and cute. Making makeover kit items in a factory is a creative and challenging profession. Play this princess cosmetic kit factory game to get a real-life simulation of a lipstick manufacturer and nail art designer. This greatest factory game also has a shopping mall game mode in which consumers may purchase beauty goods and then pay cash at the cash register.


This combination is also available in the lipstick and nail polish maker games.Fill the boxes with cosmetics supplies and distribute them to supermarkets, shopping malls, and cosmetic businesses. After finishing the factory game, pretend to be a consumer and shop for your favorite makeover items for females.


Start the factory and start making amazing makeover items.


It’s truly a great experience and your need for speed will be satisfied. Have fun and check out other games such as Bridal Race 3D and Uphill Rush 8.