Real Construction Excavator Simulator

Have a great game in ABCya 6th! In the driving simulator game Real Construction Excavator Simulator, you can live a day in the shoes of a truck driver. Your driving abilities will be put to the test in this online game as you must navigate some of the most difficult landscapes you have ever encountered. Delivering building supplies to construction sites is the game's main goal. Your driving abilities will need to be excellent for this job, and you'll need to maintain your concentration because even a small error could cost you your goods. To fill your vehicle, you'll need to operate a backhoe.

Although it may be difficult, if you are concentrated, you can complete this job. Once your vehicle is loaded, you must travel all the way to the building site and cautiously unload your load in a marked area. We have suggested to players around the world how to play games and other racing games similar to this game like Hoon or Die and AC Plano. You will love that special world.


Truck: WASD/Arrow keys - Drive Mouse - Control the camera Space- Handbrake E - Dump F - Switch between vehicles Excavator: F - Switch between vehicles Mouse - Control the camera E - Switch between driving and excavating Drive Mode: WASD/Arrow keys - Drive X/C- Bucket arm V/B- Bucket tilt Dig Mode: Left/Right arrow- Swing Up/Down arrow keys- Move Hold V to open the bucket.