Roller Ball Adventure

Roller Ball Adventure is a free online adventure game played on ABCya 6 for boys. Roll, leap, and bounce through 100 adventure-filled levels. The objective of evil minions is to square off the world. Red bouncing ball has arrived to save the world. Roll and leap through a perilous factory, fighting adversaries and dodging lethal laser beams along the way. Are you equipped to prevent the globe from becoming square?

Use the arrow keys to navigate the red bouncing ball to his objective, and be careful to eliminate all of the stars along the way. Beware of the nasty people! The act of jumping on them is beneficial. Not acceptable: being smacked by a corner. Roll, leap, and ricochet the red rollerball over a mechanical wasteland! Your objective is to gather stars while destroying every bad square. Certain areas have lethal moving lasers. Roll with absolute accuracy to safely traverse each section! Share with your friends if they love this special game and discover lots of other interesting games like Catch The Impostor. It will be a new journey.

Key Features:

- Over 100 levels to roll the ball

- Beautiful colorful graphics

- Levels based on physics

- Different kinds of worlds

- Easy to use controls

- Platform games from the past.


- Use the right and left arrow keys to roll the ball 4

- Press up arrow key to jump ball. You'll be amazed at how well the Red bounce ball bounces and rolls.

- Roll the ball until you get the right number of yellow stars.