SmileyWorld Match

SmileyWorld Match is a puzzle game play it on Abcya6 games online. In this online smiley game, you earn objects by exchanging the positions of the smileys. Align three or more identical objects to gather them. In each stage of this puzzle game featuring happy faces, you must achieve a unique objective. Collect the fruit, fish, and nuts, as well as trim the grass, by aligning the corresponding icons. Or remove the blue blocks, break the candy laces, and send the candies to the bottom of the display. The symbols on the level map indicate which items may be collected in each level.

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Key Features:

Play Smiley World Match and line up three or more of the same smileysitems to collect them. A cheerful match-3 game starring a colorful mix of fruit and nuts with funny faces.


To move an icon to a different spot on the board, tap it and drag it to a nearby slot. If this move makes three or more matching icons, the Smileys will disappear from the board and new ones will fall down.