Snake Blocks and Numbers

Today, a tiny yellow snake is taking a trip. In the game Snake Blocks and Numbers at Abcya 6 unblocked games, you will help support the snake in proceeding to the next phase. The playing field will display on the right in front of you, and the snake will slowly but surely gain speed. Above it will be a figure depicting the number of her lives.

The snake's moves will be governed by the control keys. Brightly coloured blocks will seem to along the way. They will adequately represent. They will indicate number of times snake chooses to live they can take. You must guide your snake thru all the space while trying to dodge collisions with cubes. You will also need to gather up gold coins scattered all across the area. They will give your snake better beginning while also wanting to bring you points.

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Dragging your mouse or finger to move your snake. 


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