Stickman Parkour Skyland

Come and join the this adventure game in the ABCya 6 Online. In Stickman Parkour Skyblock, players must complete stages and perform parkour moves. Jump over obstacles and up ledges to reach the portal! Jump on the slugs to gain altitude. Enjoy running across a variety of biomes! Stickman Freerunning Skyland is a stickman game. Skyblock runner and parkour stunts. Skyblock survival mode in the universe of Skyland, including stick battle animation. Stickman in Minecraft and Terraria: The parkour and traps floor is lava, and Stickman is the master duelist.

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Key Features:

- 50 unique levels.

- Skyblock runner and parkour stunts.

- Skyblock's "survivor mode" in the "skyland" world has an animation of a stick war.

- In Minecraft and Terraria: Parkour and Traps, Stickman is a supreme duelist and the floor is made of lava.


Use W\A\D or virtual buttons to run and spacebar or right button to jump. Get to the portal to complete the level!


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