Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up

Street Mayhem - Beat 'Em Up game welcomes you to a long experience. You battle with miscreants and freaks in better places. You are joined by Edward, Jennifer and Russell in this battle. Attempt to finish the game story by battling in Dark City, Forest, City Town and the last episode Castle. In the other method of the game at Abcya 6 game 2 player, in the 2 PLAYER area, you can have exemplary battles with your companion. Whoever wins 3 Rounds dominates the match!

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Player 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" (Arrow keys are only active in Story Mode.) Jump: "SPACE" Attack: "F,G" Defend: "H"

Player 2: Move: "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS" Jump: "L" Attack: "P,O" Defend: "I"