Super Spy Agent 46

We've all heard of Agent 47, but Agent 46 is a professional assassin and clone who is more dangerous, noisier, and definitely more than just a beast when it comes to taking out hordes of foes. He was the 46th clone developed from the DNA of five separate individuals, and was meant to be perfect spies who could keep peak physically and intelligence for many years while being easily controlled by whoever they were loyal to, generally a handler.

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Keyboard Control: Action:WASD/Arrows Move Mouse Aim Space/J Jump or ascend or drift LMB/Z Fire RMB/X Grenade or descend MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapon A Jump / ascend / drift Right Trigger/Shoulder/X Fire Left Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descend Left/Right Change weapon Left Shift Button Activate Slo-Mo Time Y Enter/Exit