Sword Block Painter

Welcome to the online game Sword Block Painter. In the game at Abcya 6, you will track down an exceptionally intriguing and strange riddle. Its significance is to shading a part of square squares as indicated by the example displayed on the left. Cautiously concentrate on the layout and, by tapping on the swords of the relating tone, fill in the square regions with paint. Ponder which tone ought to be applied first and which one over.

Click on the blades and they will cover up every one of the squares that are situated before them. each new level presents you with another assignment and it is more troublesome than the past one. Butterflies will show up on the field, which will restrict the spread of paint on a specific region in Sword Block Painter. There are 43 Levels altogether in the game and it will get more diligently to tackle the riddle as the levels progress. So we should begin!

Eye-catching graphics, vivid sound. You will love it. If you love this game, you can join some other games similar to Popcorn Eater.