Tank MIX

Play Tank MIX for free at ABCya 6 grade and enjoy many other online games. Create the greatest military equipment in the universe to combat invaders from space! Tanks may be linked together to create more powerful tanks. When added to the battlefield, they will destroy the alien ships! Remember to utilize the amps! What else: - Amass a collection of alien spacecraft to earn crystals. - Take part in PVP tournaments - Receive awards for achievements - Capture drones to get extra incentives.

Share with other players if you find this game interesting. We also update a lot of similar shooting games for players like The Great Zombie Warzone. You can choose all to play now.

Key Features:

- Easy to start - Nice casual graphics - Light weight to load - 2 cool PVP modes - Exciting plot.


The purpose of the game is to combine prior changes to build new types of tanks. To combine two tanks, drag one of them onto the other. Tanks of the same level are only combined. Drag a tank onto the battlefield using your finger. Tanks on the battlefield drive and shoot against alien ships automatically.

For each strike, coins are awarded, which may be used to purchase previously researched tank types. Obtain various boosters by flying drones or purchasing them in the shop.


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