Tanks 2D: Tank Wars

Play and have fun in this new action game and shooting based on the Tanks 2D: Tank Wars game from ABCya 6 games free. Destroy enemy armor and tanks! Modernize armaments and acquire and modernize new tanks! Fight with superior tanks! Numerous tanks populate the game: MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, IS-2. Employ aerial attacks and air support! Win the fight of tanks!

A genuine tank combat! Choose a tank, improve your weaponry, and prepare for battle. Destroy opponents and bosses! Purchase and improve your tank! Enjoy the fun action against a variety of foes! You can also help other players in their game. In addition, players have the opportunity to play action games similar to this game like Agent Alpha.

Key Features:

-In the game, you can control and pump MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, and IS-2 tanks.

-Fight against tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, fortified objects, bosses, and planes.

-The new air strike accelerator will make it easier to hit enemies.

-Repair kits are always available from the air support service. Tank battle, get going!


To play with a PC, use the mouse and keyboard (w,a,s,d) To play from mobile devices, use touch input.


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