TENX Wooden Number 10X Puzzle Game

TENX is a logic board game with numbers on Abcya6 games. Drag number blocks around the board until you reach a total of 10 in any row or column, and then you receive points! TENX-Wooden Number Puzzle Game is a genuine brain puzzle game; if you enjoy making hexa, wood block puzzles, brick classics, 2048 plus, or other similar games, you will enjoy getting TEN.

Challenging but still interesting, it’s worth playing. If you think it’s too difficult, you can switch to other games such as Tile Master Match and Kids Car Puzzle to refresh your mind, then come back and keep solving the puzzles. Fun!


Simple to learn and play, and a fun game for all ages! It's a completely free game! Support the leaderboard. It's simple to play and will help you improve your observation skills.