The Last Man

The Last Man is a shooting game available for free at ABCya 6 free online. The Last Man is a top-down survival horror game in which you must escape from an alien-infested institution. Find and gather all of the weapons and equipment you come across. Find a way out of these terrifying and gloomy locations. Don't let your guard down because these aliens have the ability to take off your head with a single strike!

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Key Features:

Weapons, bullets, and enemy positions are produced at random. Three distinct endings to three monster-infested levels. 3D environments that are labyrinthine 10 different weapons are available, ranging from a fighting knife to a sniper rifle.


Controls WASD or arrow keys = move Left-click = shoot Right-click = pick up weapon or item Mouse scroll = change weapon R = reload T = ON / OFF thermal goggle N = ON / OFF night vision goggle M = ON / OFF Map Left-Shift / Space = run P = pause.


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