Train Surfers

Train Surfers is an endless running game played on ABCya 6th. Run as quickly as you can! Train Surfing is an exceptional running game. You know what it's like to navigate chaotic traffic and evade the cops in the street life. To avoid colliding with barriers, barrier buses, and trains, swipe to turn, use the Direction keys or WASD for up, left, and right, or use the space bar to leap, jump, and slide. Enjoy a thrilling run in Bus 3D, gather coins, and purchase upgrades. Unlock more characters and test your running prowess! Start your underground city journey down the railroads with your companions immediately. Run like the devil and test your limits. Train Surfing must be a pretty entertaining run game. Join the most exhilarating race by playing Run - Train Surfing now. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous other similar games like Ball Rush. Each game has its own content and you can save them to explore.

Key Features:

- Endless running game

- Wonderful Graphics

- 3 characters to choose

- Safe for children to play

- Does not need any special permission from your phone. Privacy is our guarantee.

- Don't need INTERNET connection to play ! Play as pro surf anywhere anytime !

- Support low end devices

- New graphics scene, wonderful underground city.

- Easy to collect key. No need to pay to win !

- Thrilling moment, death speed

- Easy and smooth operation.


Use W A S D/Directional keys for Jump, left, down/slide and right respectively. Use Space Bar for jump.


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