Wings Rush Forces

Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the Wings Rush Forces game from In this third installment of the high-speed running adventure, join the small bird in saving the planet. But what about dangerous creatures, attacking machines, and poisoned waters? Isn't there always some defect in having fun? The goal of this fascinating skill game is to survive at all costs! We took care of the running portion. When you start the game, our character instantly starts running. To make this blue friend leap and dodge the obstacles, you need to use your mouse or touch the screen.

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Key Features:

The goal of the game is to bring the player to the finish line in each level while avoiding death from the various deadly items and enemies that will try to stop you. This is an old-school arcade adventure game. A level-based survival game. Platform and running game with a Sonic theme.


PC controls: WASD and arrows to move on the keyboard.

Mobile and tablet controls: Tap the buttons in the game on mobile devices.