Xtreme City Drift 3D

Xtreme City Drift 3D is a highly realistic 3D drifting and racing game in ABCya 6th free games. While driving about the city, you may enjoy drifting, racing, counting laps, and having a good time. Make it to the checkpoints and the city streets before the timer runs out. Get a car that is quicker and more exciting. Perform some spectacular slides around the long, twisting turns. You may earn money through winning races and progressing in the game, which you can then spend to unlock additional circuits and cars.

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- Unlock 6 awesome vehicles - Enjoy four distinct modes: Check Point Mode, Arrive Mode, Random Mode, and Free Roam Mode. - Check Point Modes contain ten difficult checkpoints. - In Check Point Mode, drive through the GREEN checkpoints to reach the finish line before the timer expires. - In Arrive Mode, navigate the map to the finish line before time runs out. - Check Point Mode or Arrive Mode can be used in conjunction with Random Mode. - In Free Roam Mode, you may drive and drift without having to complete any quests.



WASD or Arrow controls


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