Zonic Rush Toilet

It's a lighthearted game. Toilet Zonic Rush Have fun directing the tiny Zonic to the restroom before he wins! Can you assist the tiny Zonic in arriving on time? Have fun experimenting with Abcya6 by playing the finest free ABCya 6 games. The small hedgehog is anxious to use the restroom before danger hits. In this new game, you will have to go to the tiny Sonic to locate the restroom, but be cautious since you only have a limited amount of time to solve the many puzzles in each level so that you may complete the game!!

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Key Features:

It is a lighthearted adventure platform game. It is a Sonic and Toile-themed game. Solve the problems in each game level. Get the highest possible score.


Use the arrow keys to maneuver the character and the right mouse click to break the boxes and other items. Touch the game buttons to move and leap, then touch the boxes to demolish them on mobile devices.


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