Play it for free at ABCya 6 grade and enjoy many other online games. As an explorer in Zumar Deluxe, you will only be stopped by marbles, and your aim will be to blast them all. You must finish all of the levels in challenge mode, assist frog marble defense in jungle marble, and attempt to achieve three stars in each level.

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Key Features:

Marbles game features more intriguing levels of a variety of temple quests. Freeze stone, Rainbow stone, Bombs, and a variety of other unique objects await your discovery in shooting marbles.


1. Place your finger on the screen where you wish to shoot.

2. Remove marbles by matching three or more of the same marbles. Destroy all of the marble lines in the chain before it reaches its conclusion.

3. Marble Shooting: more combinations and chains for the best score! Aim for three stars in each level of marble games!